The FOCUS era started with the foundation in December 1994 in Vienna. Right from the beginning FOCUS set highest value on consistent development and implementation of the Company Spirit:

FOCUS – be ahead!

We are committed to the pioneers of the first months and years of gratitude and respect. It fills us with pride , together with employees , customers, suppliers and owners to be able to see FOCUS today as the leader in market, innovation and technology!

For the confidence you have placed in us, we take this as an incentive to meet this demand in the future.

our team

Ana Belén Frutos

Ana Belén Frutos

Management Partner

for the countries:
Spain, Portugal and France

+ 34 677 42 15 46
Pedro Correia

Pedro Correia

Country Manager / Sales Director


+ 351 965 683 771
Arantza Gumb

Arantza Gumb

Sales Director


+ 34 693 47 46 46
Christina Hermosilla

Christina Hermosilla

Customer Care Manager

Spain and Portugal

+ 34 949 20 71 84