Regular surveys are performed to collect all relevant price types, such as regular price, special offer price, every-day-low price and customer loyalty card price from all relevant media, such as leaflets, print, TV, radio, internet and on POS.


This information includes all promotion types (customer loyalty card, multi-item discount, multi-pack, on-pack, etc.) for all product groups and products advertised in leaflets, print, TV, radio, internet and on POS.

Displays (Secondary placements)

This information includes all displays and display types that are visible at the POS.

Qualitative POS-criterias

POS placements are evaluated using pre-defined criteria, such as brand name block placement, placement before or after a competitor, top shelf-level, eye-level, bottom shelf-level.

Special offer discounts

Specifies a discount for a special offer price compared to the regular price.

Usage of leaflets

This consumer survey are carried out every 2-3 years and are representative for the total population aged 15 years and older. The study delivers a precise information about usage of leaflets. Besides the penetration of leaflet usage, the intensity of usage is covered too.