is a standardized price-promotion-database, which monitors all advertised price promotions covering all items based on an European wide householdpanel and ads of all retailers in all relevant media types on a daily base.


SujetFOCUS is the service that FOCUS offers for the assessment of advertising material. This evaluation takes place through online surveys, providing therefore clear insights into what ACTUAL CONSUMERS think about each ad.


monitors all activities, which take place on point-of-sale. This covers all price types, displays and display-types, facings, other qualitative criterias, that influence sales.


monitors all online-price informations which can be found on defined webpages of retailers in any audit frequency.


FOCUS will gladly advise you in all areas of quantitative and qualitative market and opinion research Research focuses on advertising success control and efficiency.


The aim of the study is to get a better consumer insight to media that are used for promotions.