Market knowledge/

A complete survey of all industries lets you determine the value of a product area and provides a detailed view of the product segment. Particularly valuable for new launches and diversification.

Transparency – new distribution channels

A full survey of product segments across all retail areas provides good transparency. What new distribution channels are being used in the industry to best exploit market potential?

Price trends

What factors affect price trends? In addition to commodity prices and inflation, a variety of retail pricing strategies are also important. FOCUS makes trends clearly visible and shows the product lines, brands and retail companies that are becoming more aggressively priced.

Product mix

Compare your promotion mix (choice of products, product baskets, etc.) with the industry or your most important competitors. In many cases, you also find an explanation for your sales trend.

Promotion types

Classifying according to promotion type makes retail promotion mechanics more transparent.


The advertising market is very dynamic and therefore presents a great challenge for the entire advertising industry. What new advertising opportunities does the advertising market offer? Which media are being used more heavily or less than before?

Pricing strategy –
brand types – price types

What pricing strategy is being promoted by retail chains? What price levels are being advertised by individual retail companies? The surveyed products are classified according to a variety of criteria:

  • Industry versus private brand
  • Price level (premium, standard, budget)

Ranking of producers, brands and retail companies

What product lines are being aggressively promoted by the retail trade? Rankings by producer and brand show the dynamic nature of the promotion market. More influential promotions generally go hand-in-hand with gains in market share.