All over Europe (selected countries), Focus recorded and analyzed 29,454 leaflets from the grocery and drugstore trade from January to August 2021. Both national and local leaflets (such as store openings or the like) are included in the data collection. A general increase of 5% more leaflets distributed was observed.

Distribution analysis by weeks. Similar trends can be observed in both years in the first and last weeks of the graph, but clearly the COVID effects can be seen from weeks 11 to 22.

In a country comparison of the leaflets distributed, as in previous years, Italy stands out with the most leaflets distributed and has increased this number by almost 2% compared to the previous year. In Italy, an average of 105 leaflets were distributed per week in the first 8 months of 2021.

How important is the discount trade in the distribution of leaflets in relation to the rest of the food / drug market? This question leads to very different answers at national level. While the average share of discount leaflets is 11%, Slovenia, for example, with a 27% discount share, is well above this number, while Serbia marks the lower end of the list with just under 3%.