Leaflets in times of Corona – challenges and opportunities

Leaflets are the most widely used medium for communicating prices and offers to consumers; they play a critical role in raising brand awareness, making products more attractive and driving sales.

But how do they perform in times of the Covid 19 pandemic, lockdowns, closed stores, home offices and increasing digital services? Are they still the most effective advertising tool? And what media are they most displaced by?

Is it the Internet? Or TV? There’s no doubt people are spending more time at home. Or is it the radio? In the last two years, the car has become more important in consumers‘ daily lives. Could it be billboards and outdoor advertising? The bottom line is that walking and jogging were the most common outdoor activities during the lockdowns.

FOCUS provides answers to these and many other questions with „Promotions Insights 2021“ through interviews with ACTUAL CONSUMERS across Europe. We measure the current performance of various advertising media, retail sectors and top retailers in terms of promotions and compare it with previous studies (FOCUS has been collecting data since 2011), combined with a Europe-wide overview (20 countries). In this way, we provide you with a comprehensive representation of consumer behavior with regard to promotions and open the way for data-backed decisions.

We also do not want to deprive you of the new PreisIndexReport (more information). This report and the PromotionInsight study can be purchased with a package price.

Excerpt from the 2019 study: