Leaflets are the most widely used medium for communicating prices and offers to consumers; they decisively contribute in increasing brand awareness, making products more appealing and boosting sales.

  • But how do they perform in our heavily digitalized and mobile-based era?
  • Are they still the most effective advertising medium?
  • Are digital leaflets becoming the trend at the expense of printed leaflets?
  • How do consumers feel about the increasing digitalization regarding promotions?
  • By which media are leaflets being challenged the most?
  • To what extent are mobile apps of retailers used?

FOCUS provides answers to these and to many other questions with “Promotions Insights 2023” by conducting interviews with ACTUAL CONSUMERS across Europe. We measure the current performance of different advertising media, trade sectors and top retailers concerning promotions combined with a Europe-wide overview. This way, we offer you a thorough depiction of the consumer behavior in relation to promotions, opening up the path for data-driven decision-making.

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