Full coverage

Detailed information is collected manually, electronically and digitally to ensure full coverage of the promotion market so that you miss nothing. As a result, you can be certain that you have complete information on all of the promotional activities of your retail partners and competitors in all regions.

Continuous improvement of systems and programmes

The retail sector and industry are highly creative when it comes to developing new promotional activities. As a result, we have to continuously improve our systems to ensure they are user-friendly and can quickly and easily provide you with the proper analyses and conclusions.

Standardised information for retail and industry

Due to lengthy and extensive cooperation with retail and industry, FOCUS information and databases now ensure an optimal exchange of information between these two market partners.

Cutting-edge technology

Our use of highly complex fast-growing databases requires us to continuously use cutting-edge technology.

Extensive expertise

As a leading European company in the area of price and promotion monitoring, we have extensive expertise both in the area of local country-specific requirements as well as cross-border and, in particular, headquarter-related requirements.

Real-time information!

We identify trends and keep up-to-date on current developments at all times. We monitor new forms of advertising and promotion and integrate them into our systems as quickly as possible. Use of digital collection methods allows us to provide information to customers more quickly.

Extensive research and development

We work in close cooperation with retailers to design products that meet all of their specific needs.

User-friendly service

We use simple, modern online tools or custom-tailored customer databases to provide information to customers. This ensures rapid, efficient analysis.

Realistic picture of the market

The reach of the medium and advertising value are taken into account when assessing the communications strengths of different promotional activities. This ensures you receive a realistic picture of communication performance.

International standard with good local expertise

FOCUS Marketing Research offers standardised information for more than 30 European countries. We are market leaders for communications strategies concerned with price and promotion mechanics. In addition to headquarter solutions, FOCUS also offers optimal services in each country that are specifically tailored to the particular circumstances in each market.