ActionFOCUS is the No. 1 European promotion analyzing tool and used by more than 1300 clients and more than 33.000 users from industry and trade. ActionFOCUS allows to search for the smallest promotion in each country as well as to analyze the European promotion market on a global, strategic level. The base of ActionFOCUS is the collection of all promotions (in leaflets, print-ads, TV, radio, internet). In order to grant most efficient output each promotion is linked with qualitative and valuable measures, such as Gross Reach or Gross Advertising Value.

Newspaper Supplement
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Print Ad

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ActionFOCUSOnline is an online platform with ALL European promotions visible at once. The easy-to-use functions and strategic report options grant each user an individual overview of promotion market.

Easily locate promotions in a leaflet

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Image of promotion with all detailed information

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Image of promotion with all detailed information

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Promotion calendar (shows all promotions
in a calendar year in a clearly arranged way)

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Structure analysis of a defined leaflet
(based on insertion and space)

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ActionFOCUSMailers inform about latest promotion and are sent to relevant responsible persons on a daily base (even twice a day).

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ActionFOCUSReport is the strategic analyzing of the European promotion data. From analyses of trends, market shares, performance of brands…to price strategies, overview of private labels – individual reports for individual clients…

Strategic information about promotion mechanics (Which promotions are pushed by different trade accounts?)

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Strategic information about special
offers by different trade accounts

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Importance of different media types for promotion activities

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Strategic information about promotion share of product categories (Which product categories are pushed by different trade accounts?)

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Strategic information about development of Brand types private labels versus manufacturer brands)

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