• Audit of price and promotion activities communicated via individual homepages of trade organisations and other important trade Internet-platforms.
  • Increase coverage of price-communicating media-tyes
  • Integration of online-communicated prices in FOCUS product

Scope of tracking

  • e-shops prices and products range
  • Frequency is directly connected to customers needs:
    • daily
    • weekly
    • monthly
  • The scope of collected data depends on requested categories
  • Description of products depends on information available in e-shops
  • Pan-European tracking
  • Data delivered in excel format

Data content

  • product group
  • product class
  • company – brand – product
  • detailed description of product
  • features of product
  • product link + image link + price link
  • promotion price + price before promotion, if available
  • promotion type, if available
  • product-id or EAN-code, if available

Data delivery

  • all audited data per period
  • exception reportingselection of price changes
    • inlisting/outlisting