BrandFOCUS is a standardised tool that measures brand development and performance based on a variety of modules used and the competitive environment, and presents these results in an appropriate form for decision-making.

The following BrandFOCUS modules are available:

  • AD MONITOR => Brand-aided advertising awareness
  • BRAND MONITOR => Spontaneous brand awareness
  • Aided brand awareness
  • USAGE MONITOR => Product/brand use
  • IMAGE MONITOR => Brand profile/images
  • SATISFACTION MONITOR => Level of satisfaction

These can be used to answer the following questions:

  • How large a budget is needed to achieve x% awareness?
  • How effective is continuous vs. occasional advertising?
  • What advertising is needed to get the message across?
  • What is my advertising performance relative to the industry, relevant set, total market? (benchmarking)
  • Which measures provide the greatest increase in awareness?
  • What if the questions above are applied to key target groups?