Market know-how

Full coverage of all industries allows  to determine the value of  product division and to get a detailed insight into the product segment. Especially valuable for new launches or diversifications!

Transparancy – new channels

Full coverage of product segments in all trading areas provide high transparency. Which new distribution channels are used by the industry to realize their market potential optimally?

Price trends

What factors influence the price development? Not only commodity prices and inflation but also different pricing strategies of trade are relevant here. FOCUS makes the development transparent and delivers a clear picture of price-aggressive assortments, brands and trade channels.


Compare your promotional mix (by product assortments, shopping carts, etc.) with that of all industry and your main competitors. In many cases, you may find explanations for your sales.

Promotion types

Promotion mechanics of trade is made ​​more transparent by classifying promotion in different types.


Advertising market is very dynamic and therefore a big challenge for  entire advertising industry. Which new advertising opportunities are possible? Which media are used more or less than before?

Price strategy

Which pricing strategy is pushed by the retailers? What price levels are advertised by different trade organizations? The allocation of the detected items is done after different dimensions:

  • Industry-versus private label
  • Price positioning level (premium, standard, low-price position)

Rankings of Producers, Brands and Trade channels

What product lines are particularly pushed by trade? Ranking by manufacturers and brands shows the dynamics of market promotion. Rising importance of promotion means usually a rising market share.