World of leaflets on the BA market

From year to year world of leaflets is improving on BIH market. Each retailer has chance and possbility for making better promotions. If we go back in 2015 which has started with smaller number of leaflets, but each month there is increasing of number. 2016 has begun with bigger number of leaflets and in October there was small  „fall“ but in December „big jump“ of number of leaflets.

Retailers in BIH market

Top retailers in 2015 and 2016 have different shares by number of leaflets. Very „Colorful picture“ of shares. Tropic and Konzum have decreased numbers and Prodex has increased. Other retailers have increased numbers of leaflets.

Which format of leaflet is the „right one“?

Bigger picture, better resolution, best discount and great hope that promotions will be successful. Each retailer has own tools and preferred format of leaflets which are used for better sales.